Ph.D. in Computational Neuroscience in Howard Nusbaum's lab; from the University of Chicago, April, 2018.
M.D. projected 2021

I have completed the PhD phase of my MD/PhD training at the University of Chicago. I studied in Dr. Howard Nusbaum's lab, working at the intersection of computational neuroscience and psychology.
My broad research questions are about how the human brain processes complex and meaningful auditory inputs like language and music. I use behavioral studies, EEG, and fMRI to try to gain insight into the neural mechanisms that allow us to use language and music in our daily lives. I'm also interested how normal processes, like sleep and aging, affect these abilities.
Before I moved to Chicago, I was a two-time intern with the Diversity Summer Internship Program at Johns Hopkins. I worked on Type 1 Diabetes research in Dr. Abdel Hamad's lab. After college, I joined Dr. Hamad's lab for two years as a technician, before applying to MSTPs around the co…
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