Graduate work


Uddin S, Heald SLM, Van Hedger SC, Klos S, Nusbaum HC. (2018). Understanding environmental sounds in sentence context. Cognition 172: 134-143.

Van Hedger SC, Heald SLM, Uddin S, Nusbaum HC. A note by any other name: Intonation context rapidly changes absolute note judgments. Accepted at JEP-HPP.

Nusbaum HC, Uddin SVan Hedger SC, Heald SLM. Consolidating skill learning through sleep. Accepted at Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences.

Uddin S, Heald SLM, Van Hedger SC, Nusbaum HC. Hearing sounds as words: Neural responses to environmental sounds in the context of fluent speech. Under revision at Brain & Language.

Heald SLM, Uddin S, Van Hedger SC, Snyder JS, Nusbaum HC. (in prep). Early Sensory Changes in Neural Processing Gate Generalized Perceptual Learning.


Uddin S, Van Hedger SC, Nusbaum HC, Fenn K. Effects of a daytime nap on perceptual learning of synthetic speech. Poster session presented at: Sleep and Circadian Research Trainees' Day, October 17 2017, Evanston, IL.

Uddin S, Heald SLM, Nusbaum HC. ERP signatures of environmental sound processing in linguistic context. Poster session presented at: 

  • Society for the Neurobiology of Language Annual Meeting, November 8-10 2017, Baltimore, MD.
  • University of Chicago Neuroscience Annual Retreat, September 28-29 2017, New Buffalo, MI.
  • University of Chicago MSTP Annual Retreat, June 23-25 2017, Lake Geneva, WI.
  • American Physician Scientists Association Annual Meeting, April 21-23 2017, Chicago, IL.

Uddin SHeald SLM, Van Hedger SC, Klos S, Nusbaum HC. Context effects extend to

environmental sounds in sentence processing. Poster session presented at:
  • Psychonomic Society 57th Annual Meeting, November 18-20 2016, Boston, MA.
  • University of Chicago Neuroscience Annual Retreat, September 15-16 2016, New Buffalo, MI.
  • University of Chicago MSTP Annual Retreat, June 24-25 2016, Oglesby, IL.

Undergraduate work


Hamad, A.R.A.., Arcara, K., Uddin, S., Donner, T., 2012. The potential of Fas ligand (apoptosis-inducing molecule) as an unconventional therapeutic target in type 1 diabetesFront. Immunol. 3. doi:10.3389/fimmu.2012.00196

Xiao, Z., Mohamood, A.S., Uddin, S., Gutfreund, R., Nakata, C., Marshall, A., Kimura, H., Caturegli, P., Womer, K.L., Huang, Y., Jie, C., Chakravarti, S., Schneck, J.P., Yagita, H., Hamad, A.R.A., 2011. Inhibition of Fas Ligand in NOD Mice Unmasks a Protective Role for IL-10 against Insulitis DevelopmentAm. J. Pathol. 179, 725–732. doi:10.1016/j.ajpath.2011.04.016


Uddin, S., Hamad, A.R.A. Fas Ligand inactivation leads to pancreatic tissue-specific accumulation of IL-10- producing CD5+ B cells and IL-10- dependent protection from insulitis in NOD mouse model. Poster session presented at: Diversity Summer Internship Program, Baltimore, Maryland, 2010.

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